Aladdincoin has launched their own Decentralised Exchange

SINGAPORE based DS Media Concepts Pte Ltd, a fintech company offering solutions in Blockchain and Digital Assets, including Initial Coin Offering (ICO) services has launched Singapore first Decentralised Exchange known as Cryptozodiac (CZ). You can access the DEX at

Difference between a centralized and decentralized exchange

Centralized systems are popular as most traders use them. The administrators are in charge of holding funds, requests, and ensuring the security of users.

On the other hand, decentralized systems are a bit different. They use the idea of blockchain technology, which means that the trading community does not depend on one server, or the administrators to control the buying and selling of coins.

Decentralized exchange systems are still in its early stages. People are yet to start using the apps entirely; nevertheless, they beat the centralized exchanges by the fact that traders control how they buy and sell, and reduces the chances of hacking, significantly.

We all know that using centralized systems can encourage hacking and lead to the loss of millions of money. If you do not know what I am talking about, then refer to the Mt.Gox hacking incident, which happened four years ago.

Here are some reasons you should use

  1. No government interference

Most traders in the cryptocurrency industry love their privacy. The problem with centralized exchanges is that the government can come in to find out whether users are secure. They even add policies that ensure that traders are safe when investing.

With this decentralized exchange, DEX, you are sure that no government will try to interfere with your business, which is what most traders want. You also set the rules when coming up with smart contracts.

  1. Anonymity among buyers and sellers

In centralized systems, the broker is in contact with the buyer and seller. In short, when you make a request, then you will have to wait for the broker to complete the application for you. Nonetheless, is best suitable for anonymity purposes.

The system allows peer-to-peer discussion and negotiation. Therefore, it hastens business because you do not have to wait for the broker to make choices for you.

  1. Full control of your money

It is difficult to release your hard earned money to anyone you do not know. Additionally, when referring to what happened at Mt. Gox, and many other centralized systems, traders seem to be skeptical when trusting brokers with their money.

You never know what they plan to do with it unless you trust them. You then have full control of your funds; you use it at your periphery.

  1. Comes with a “.org” domain

The most popular domains include .com, .org, and .net. All of them are suitable for business, with most businesses taking the .com most of the times. However, the .org domain is good for huge enterprises, since it gives them recognition easily.

One benefit of this domain is that users can trust the organization, and it gives them an upper hand when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. With such information, then we understand why the crypto zodiac site appears on top of the search engine when you search it.

  1. 100% uptime

The problem with most centralized exchanges is that they operate 24/7. Nonetheless, we cannot forget to single out the fact that downtime is inevitable. The use of one server influences the downtime; hence, not suitable especially when you need to make an urgent move into the market.

With, be assured that you will not have any downtime. One reason for this is that users do not depend on one server to operate.

  1. Easy accessibility

For Mobile, they support Cipher Browser and for PC, they support Brave, Opera, Firefox and Chrome with Metamask Extension. ​

​As crypto trading is a side hustle for many, then be sure that you can also use your Smartphone to monitor the market even when you are moving from one place to another.

Be sure that you download Cipher Browser from respective stores. Additionally, have a stable internet connection to keep you updated on the market every time.

  1. Stable security

The number one factor that most people consider when joining any exchange is security. Clients want the assurance that their money, including their cryptocurrency coins is safe. The site owners are aware of this factor.

Hence, the account owners monitor all transactions within their account. You are, therefore, sure that no hacker, malware, or virus will attack and put your account at any risk. The platform also insists that you should never disclose any information about any user in case you access it by mistake.

  1. Available customer support

One major problem that decentralized exchanges have is that they may not be liable for whichever decisions you make, since you are in full control of the account. They would withdraw any assistance in case of any arising issue with your account. Nonetheless, be sure that the team is always available to help.

In case of a complaint, the trader should contact their Telegram group at

  1. Trustworthy developers

As a way to avoid trouble, we always want to avoid scammers at all times. Some of these exchanges are just pyramid schemes, who wish to trap innocent traders into giving them their hard-earned money. Do not expect that when you come to this site.

DS Media Concepts Pte. Ltd. is the company in charge of coming up with the Dapps. They have active social media pages on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Twitter. You can also find them at

  1. A reliable user interface

Finally, we talk about the website’s excellent user interface. The homepage is easy to navigate as well as the menus. Everything is visible as well since the colors used, which are mostly blue and white, blend with each other perfectly.

The user agreement also contains a list of rules and policies that traders need to understand before registering. The grammar is easy. Besides, you can get a list of the available tokens within the trade webpage.


It is vital for any user who wants maximum anonymity to try out the system. You are also sure of security-which is everyone’s priority, and the exposure of meeting many buyers and sellers, which can be a problem when joining the decentralized exchanges, since the concept is still in its early stages.