CRYPTOBARTERHUB.COM (CBH) – Your Digital Asset Partner

CRYPTOBARTERHUB.COM (CBH) is the newest platform for buying and selling digital assets. CBH owned by DS Media Concepts Pte. Ltd. operates from Singapore. The new platform is available to over 180 countries globally for buying and selling different forms of digital assets. At launch, seven of the most popular cryptocurrencies are available, but more will be made available soon. Right now, one can sign up to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, AladdinCoin, and OKMCoin. CBH is a safe and secure system that puts user security first. Besides providing users with a secure system, it also adheres to the rules of the regulatory bodies and the governments.

Median prices
Cryptocurrency prices change with a very high frequency. Hence, CBH uses an automatic update of the median cryptocurrency prices to ensure that you know the exact value of the currency you are purchasing. CBH uses third party APIs for median prices of all popular exchanges.

Easy Customer Database access by Authorities
CBH provides easy access to customer data when requested by a government or any other regulatory body. Moreover, to preserve customer privacy, CBH also requests minimal user data during the registration process. We do not use cookies to remember who you are and your preferences. This ensures full transparency between the platform and the regulatory bodies and keeps the customers safe.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) compliant registration process
Customer Due diligence or CDD is a standard global regulatory compliance standard that CBH uses in the registration process. This compliance standard allows to gather and profile information appropriately and identify the beneficial owners. These compliances allow to seamlessly identify, manage, and mitigate all risks related to the customer without damaging the customer satisfaction.

Regularly updated compliance rules
CBH makes sure that all the rules such as KYC, AML, and CFT are regularly updated. This allows CBH to operate efficiently in multiple regions while abiding all the government regulatory policies related to digital assets buying and selling.

Making deposits and withdrawals
After the free sign up, you can deposit using PayPal, SpicePay and Direct Bank Deposit. SpicePay is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency payment gateways and has been handling digital currencies since 2009. You can make a minimum deposit of 10 USD with all three methods.

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