With the wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies particularly bitcoin since 2009, this had attracted investors, developers, and a large community of crypto enthusiasts. There are some flaws found within the bitcoin blockchain technology and Ethereum came up. Ethereum, developed by Vitalik Buterin who was a former developer on the bitcoin team is, added scalability and decentralized app creation to the blockchain technology itself. The result is seen in thousands of tokens created on the blockchain today.

The token (a sub-currency to the Ethereum ‘ether’) created on the Ethereum blockchain is known as the ERC-20 token although there are other versions of Ethereum token on the blockchain such as the version 223 and 721. An ERC20 token is a token based on a protocol otherwise known as the smart contract, which establishes a standard set of rules guiding the transactions and use of the token on the Ethereum network.

Because of the robustness of the Ethereum blockchain network, it’s possible for startup organization to create an online decentralized mode of payment otherwise known as a token and launch it through “Initial Coin Offering” for raising funds which is the same as Initial Public Offering (IPO) for traditional businesses.

DS Media Concepts Pte. Ltd. is an organization established in Singapore commenced operations on 11 October 2014 with the sole focus of Blockchain projects from 2017.  DS Media helps new startups with the processes involved in launching a successful ICO from start-to-finish and had earned their reputation among clients over the past years. Some of the services offered by DS Media concept includes Web Development; Apps Development; 3D Designing; DApps (Decentralized Applications) Development.

The processes of creating a unique ICO which would be handled by DS Media includes the following:

Creating of ERC20 Tokens: DS Media  will help in creating unique and bug-free smart contracts for tokens on the Ethereum network. All our smart contracts are tested and will be verified.

ICO website: As the features of many ICO website which includes sleek design which is mobile responsive, time-count down functionality, quality roadmap design, teams with their profiles and engaging contents with link to download the whitepaper of the project, DS Media move ahead of their competitors in this industry by adding Crowdsale QR codes to the ICO websites.

Whitepaper Creation: Their years of experience in the blockchain technology itself had given them the wide and rich experience in the creation of whitepaper which would be unique to your industry. The whitepaper, similar to the business plan, would provide succinct information on your business and provide adequate information on how the use of blockchain would better enhance the industry. The end result is in convincing investors to be a part of your organization’s ideology. DS Media Concepts Pte. Ltd. is here to help you with that.

Crypto Exchange Listing: The common problem for any organization utilizing the blockchain through ICO process is how to get to token traded on popular exchanges for an increase in value. DS Media provides a perfect solution to this as it has an internal exchange for this purpose. They own a CEX and DEX.

Community Building: The most tremendous work in launching an ICO is getting people sensitize about the problems, solutions and benefits about the business idea surrounding a token or cryptocurrency. Many ICOs fail in this aspect and the resultant effects are evident in the loss of value of the tokens.

DS Media can help your organization to build a community of interested people and investors by distributing whitepaper to potential investors; Build an engaging community on Telegram/Instagram; Press releases with press release jet; Search engine optimization (SEO); Whiteboard explainer video; Social media marketing (SMM); Free token distribution announcement otherwise known as Airdrops.

DS Media Concept Pte. Ltd is the only organization with proven track records to help in launching an ICO from start to finish in about 20 weeks following the 5 steps above with maximum profit.

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