OKMcoin giving out tokens worth USD100

With blockchain technology, we can create a version of Wall Street where all kinds of mischief cannot occur. It cannot be described just as revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression.

Singapore has emerged as the third largest ICO market globally and the leading hub for ICO in Asia. Many have joined the fray, small and large, either as miners or investors in coins and tokens, and for everyone else who is considering it, there is a new solution on the market and its OKMCOIN.

OKMCoin will provide different packages and discounts when purchasing different capacity and ability plans for mining crypto currencies of their choices. OKMcoin is an Ethereum based token representing the right to purchase Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Capacity (Hardware), Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Ability (Software) and products/services provided by OKM.

OKM is planning to launch a series of OKM Mobile Apps in third quarter of 2019. OKMcoin is backed by OKM group of companies.  

OKMcoins can be used to purchase the following:

In OKM Farms

  1. Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Capacity (CTPC) – Hardware
  2. Cryptocurrency Transaction Processing Ability (CTPA) – Software

OKMcoins can be used to pay for the services.

In OKM Service Portals

  1. Accounting Services
  2. Event Management Services
  3. Financial Education Services
  4. Essential Services

OKMcoins can be used to pay for the products.

In OKM Product Portals

  1. Healthcare E-commerce Portal
  2. Antiques Trading Portal
  3. Cryptocurrency Mining Packages Portal
  4. End to End ICO Packages Portal

Cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of serious processing power, a lot of serious cooling
for those processors, and a lot of power to make it all run.

Cryptocurrency miners are buying up all the highend graphics cards usually reserved for PC gaming. As a result, the graphics cards are extremely difficult to find. Some are being sold for double or more their original price.

A solution is needed to process the smart contracts in a faster and efficient way.

OKM is operating 5 mining farms in various parts of Singapore. OKM has tested their
mining farms in 5 different locations and they are improving their operations in daily basis.
They are also implementing and improving their set up in the upcoming mining farms.

The main strength of OKMcoin is that it allows holders to enter and exit cryptocurrency mining investments at any time at a cheap, profitable cost through its aggressive discounts.

OKMcoin Transaction Processing Capacity and Ability comes from mining farms in Singapore. OKMcoin mining farms employ state of the art technologies such as advanced efficiency cooling systems, dust free vacuum sealed environments and proprietary python tools– guaranteeing a good efficiency/machine uptime rating, the highest in the market.

OKMcoins will be distributed Free during Airdrop period. OKMcoins will be offered on
Pre-ICO for 30 days starting on 1 June 2018. ICO will be 1 July 2018 and
subsequent batch sales will take place each month until September 2018. There will be
3 batches after the pre-sale lasting one month each, ending 30 September 2018.

The offering will be open to the public globally from 1 June 2018.

At end of 2019, holders of OKMcoins will receive ARTcoins. ARTcoins can be used to purchase antiques and pay for the consultancy fees to verify the authenticity of an antique product. For each 10 OKMcoins, the holders will receive 1 ARTcoin. You can
look forward to earn ARTcoins at the end of 2019.

We warmly welcome you to be a part of raising the awareness for reshaping and bettering the blockchain era. Get your free OKMcoins here: https://t.me/OKMcoinICO