Umno last bastion for Islam and Malays, Zahid says

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 — Umno is definitely the last bastion for Islam and the Malays in this country although always pressured and challenged by negative perception and feelings of hatred of some sections of the public towards the party, says Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said the public, especially undergraduates, needed to be wiser and not get entangled in the game of the court of public opinion, and should instead be inclined to look at Umno’s record of achievements and success all this while.

“Is Umno very ugly? Is Umno very dirty? Umno is being punished by the court of public opinion. When untruths and lies kept being repeated, these will become a stigma to the mind and ultimately, Umno gets soiled, regarded as dirty. The truth usually comes out later.

“Umno is the last bastion for the Muslims and Malays in this country. Our record shows our achievements and success, with no intention to be conceited or boastful. We present this record to the general public for it to be evaluated.”

Ahmad Zahid, who is also Umno vice-president carrying out the duties of party deputy president, said this when opening the National Undergraduates Leadership Conference (Pemanas), here, today which was also attended by Umno education bureau chairman, Tan Sri Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah and Pahang Umno Youth chief, Shahar Abdullah, who is also Pemanas director.

Pemanas , organised by the party’s education bureau with the theme of “Undergraduates, Malaysia’s New Millennium Architects”, was attended by 350 undergraduates from local and overseas learning institutions to discuss various issues involving the younger generation, in conjunction with the pre-Umno General Assembly 2017 programme.

Ahmad Zahid said it was therefore the task and responsibility of undergraduates, as the future leaders of the country, to clear the situation and defend this sacred party of the Malays.

“Your task and responsibility is to deliver facts on the beauty of Umno as a political organisation and as a social institution of the Malays which does not sideline the other races.

“You did not make the wrong choice by becoming Umno members. In fact, you are most fortunate by choosing Umno. It’s a great loss if our youth stay away from Umno,” said Ahmad Zahid, who hoped that Umno’s excellence would be continued by the young as the future architects of the country.

He also reminded undergraduates to view Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak as the most big-hearted leader and relevant in realising the aspirations of the young.

He said this was because Umno leaders were always behind the youth of this country in implementing the national transformation agenda.

“Learn from him (Najib) and his initiatives under the National Blue Ocean Strategy and the transformation being done by him. Although he has been hit by various issues, slandered, and showered with hatred, his resilience is extraordinary.

“We should support leaders like him. This is not just a question of loyalty and we don’t want blind loyalty,” he added.

Ahmad Zahid said his loyalty and that of other leaders to Najib’s leadership was because they believed in the prime minister’s philosophy and efforts in developing the country and the Malay community, while not sidelining the rights and interests of the other communities. — Bernama