Thoughts and Quotes of an Unknown Singaporean vol. 2

Note from Author:

The sale of the first volume of this book, spurred me to write the second volume. Like the first volume, this book, too, contains my various thoughts, quotes and experiences that I am getting as I am moving along my journey of life. I took special care to ensure that this volume does not contain any repetitions of my first book although there may be repeated topics but with different context that I had missed sharing in my first book.

The world is evolving, but the people, their ideologies coupled with their growing greed to accumulate wealth, land and power are evolving faster affecting the environment, governance, and the livelihood of many ordinary people leading them to downstream and wayward. What to consume, what to buy, how and where to live, who to see, and many more such questions are given controlled and propaganda-type answers with lots of hidden agenda that not many people, especially the vulnerable ones, among us will be aware of or dare to question and seek for the truth. What we make the world to be depends on what we say and do. Heaven or hell is based on our individual and collective perspectives and mindsets.

These thoughts, experiences and readings keep on producing enriching awareness within me leading me to paths that I hope will lead me to a more peaceful, healthy and happiness-filled environment. I hope such thoughts-sharing rekindle and inspire your minds to think about your lives, experiences and environments and lead you to create a more positive space for yourself and those around you.

I hope the outreach of these continued thoughts and quotes through this book inspire more especially those in need of such points to ponder or food for their thoughts.

Do feel free to share your feedback and comments about the contents in this book or even your experiences to me via my email

May the vision be with us.

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