Teach children about sexuality, expert tells parents

KUALA LUMPUR, June 6 — Criminology psychologist Saiful Hamiruzzaman Hazir said parents must take steps to educate their children about sexuality to ensure crimes committed by the likes of British paedophile Richard Huckle are curbed.

“Parents must talk to their children about their sexuality as early as possible so they can understand that being touched on their private parts by a stranger is wrong,” he said.

“Many are still unwilling to talk about the subject, calling it taboo. Lacklustre parenting skills also persist among many Malaysian parents.”

As such, Saiful said, children in Malaysia were easily influenced as they were “naive”.

Huckle, who terrorised the region with his sickening exploits of sexually attacking and abusing 200 young children, had in a letter to his lawyer on Friday said sex crimes were “endemic” and “no one cared in Kuala Lumpur”.

On the emergence of more child lovers in the country, Saiful said paedophilia was not a genetic factor but constituted a mental issue of the individual.

“Paedophilia inclinations are usually caused by neglect, sexual abuse and woes with parents suffered by the perpetrators in the past,” he said.

The perpetrators would then find sexual fulfilment against the vulnerable and neglected as it empowered them to be dominant.

“This is why they target a specific group, especially the underprivileged, through money or gifts. The young victims will usually not speak up or resist,” he said.

Huckle had, in his letter read out in court, said he had gone to South-east Asia as a teenager where he felt “belonged” for the first time. He admitted having little sexual experience with adults as he “lacked confidence with women”.

Huckle repeatedly said few cared for the victims and he had “no regrets” living in Malaysia as it improved his “confidence and charisma”.

Said Saiful: “The immediate solution is for parents to educate their young ones about sexuality so that children may better understand the seriousness of this issue.” – MMO