Sausage, ham and eggs for breakfast anyone?

GEORGE TOWN, April 10 — Living in Penang means breakfast choices can range from the economical nasi lemak to the spicy Hokkien mee or even the comforting nasi kandar, so sometimes having a Western-style kind of breakfast can be a nice change to the daily choices of local hawker fare.

Fortunately, in Penang, there is no shortage of Western-style breakfast of the sunny side up eggs, sausages, ham and baked beans variety.

In many coffee shops open from the early morning, there is usually one stall selling breakfast sets of eggs, sausages, chicken ham, baked beans, toast and sandwiches. Usually, there are several different sets of eggs with ham, eggs with sausages, eggs with toast or the big breakfast set with everything.

The most common breakfast set will have sunny side up eggs, sausages, ham, baked beans and toast. Though these sets are known as Western breakfast sets, it will always have a touch of local style to it, especially with the tomato and chilli sauce as the only condiments to go with it.

These stalls also mostly serve chicken ham instead of the actual ham to keep the prices low and only a select few offer bacon in some of their sets.

These sets may be simple food that can be prepared at home but it is rather popular especially between 7am and 9am before the office workers clock in at their respective offices.

If you feel like changing up your morning bowl of noodles or nasi lemak for something different, here is a list of some coffee shops to try out the local style of Western breakfast.

Peace & Joy coffee shop
China Street
GPS: 5.418148, 100.339203
Time: 7am – 2pm

This stall doubles as a Western breakfast and lunch stall as it not only offers breakfast sets but also heavier Western food for lunch such as chicken chop or fish and chips. Its specialty has to be the Monte Carlo, the stall owner’s unique creation of a creamy thick ham sandwich.

Lee Huat Cafe
Jalan Masjid Negeri
GPS: 5.393175, 100.302901
Time: 7am – 11am

Other than the breakfast sets of sausages, ham and eggs, this stall also has the healthier option of half boiled eggs that go perfectly with some toasted bread. They also have the local style toasted bread spread with kaya and butter.

Kedai Kopi Swee Fong Lye
Macalister Lane
GPS: 5.417054, 100.328950
Time: 7am – 11am

This is one of the very limited stalls that has bacon with its breakfast set so if you love bacon, this is the place for you. They also have spaghetti if you want something heavier.

New Cathay Coffee Shop
Burmah Road
GPS:5.432533, 100.309501
Time: 7am – 11am

If sausages and ham is not really your thing, this stall also offers French toast and a very localised sandwich, the roti babi. Essentially it is bread with a marinated pork or chicken filling that is deep fried to a delicious crunchiness.

Kedai Kopi Sin Hong Leong
Cecil Street Ghaut
GPS: 5.406222, 100.331719
Time: 7am – 11am

Other than the usual eggs and ham, this stall is known for its soft, fluffy white steamed bread. Instead of toast, this stall offers fragrant steamed bread to go with half boiled eggs or simply spread with kaya and butter as an alternative to its choices of breakfast sets. – MMO