Screams and debris in Brussels airport after blast

BRUSSELS, March 22 — New video captured the chaos and destruction inside of the Brussels airport where two blasts struck a packed departure lounge today, reportedly killing at least 14 and injuring dozens.

The blasts there came as another bomb detonated at a metro station near the European Union headquarters during the morning rush hour.

A witness at the airport said he heard shouts in Arabic and shots shortly before two blasts exploded. The federal prosecutor said one of the explosions was probably triggered by a suicide bomber.

The blasts occurred four days after the arrest in Brussels of a suspected participant in November militant attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Belgian police and combat troops on the streets had been on alert for reprisal but the attacks took place in crowded areas where people and bags are not searched.

All public transport in Brussels was shut down, as it was in London during 2005 Islamist militant attacks there that killed 52. Authorities appealed to citizens not to use overloaded telephone networks, extra troops were sent into the city and the Belgian Crisis Centre, clearly wary of a further incident, appealed to the population: “Stay where you are”. — Reuters