Stop Getting Ripped Off for Data Roaming With These Packages From Singapore Telcos

If you see a bunch of bewildered looking tourists searching for wi-fi hotspots while on holiday, there’s a high chance they’re Singaporean. Apparently, we’ve all become so used to staring at our smartphones on those grinding MRT rides and during boring meetings that we’re completely unable to disconnect even on holiday.

But there’s a reason why on a drive to Malaysia everyone scrambles to put their phones in airplane mode before crossing the border—data roaming fees are insanely expensive. And we’re not talking about expensive in the way chicken rice now costs $6 at some food courts. We’re talking change-your-name-and-go-into-hiding levels of expensive, as experienced by this woman who got charged $2,080 after a single day in Malacca.

While pay-as-you-go data roaming charges are so insane the only people who end up using them are the ones who do so by accident, telcos have rolled out pay-per-day packages that are much less heart attack-inducing.

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