6 Dead In Terror Attack in Jakarta, 4 Attackers Killed: 10 Developments

JAKARTA:  At least six people were killed in multiple blasts today in the heart of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, which were called acts of terror by president Joko Widodo. Four attackers have been killed over the last two hours, say the police, who announced that the “area is now secure”.

Here are 10 developments in the big story:

  1. Three policemen and three civilians were killed as grenades exploded between 10 and 11 am in an area close to the presidential palace and a UN office complex. The police say at least three suicide bombers blew themselves up inside a Starbucks Cafe.

  2. Terrorists are allegedly hiding in a threatre complex which has restaurants, but officials have not confirmed any hostage crisis.

  3. Indonesian TV has reported three more explosions outside the Pakistani and Turkish embassies. After the blasts, there were gunshots and massive police presence outside the popular Sarinah shopping mall.

  4. Media reports said 10 to 15 attackers entered the city on motorcycles, armed with guns and explosives.
  5. Visuals showed bodies lying on the road near a Starbucks Cafe and smoke around buildings. People were seen running or hiding behind cars.

  6. According to media tweets, a separate explosion was heard in the west Jakarta suburb of Palmerah.

  7. UN official Jeremy Douglas tweeted that a suicide bomber  was “literally 100m from the office and my hotel.” He also tweeted that a “serious exchange of fire” was on in downtown Jakarta.

  8. Indonesia has been on high alert after authorities said they had foiled a plot by Islamic militants to attack government officials, foreigners and others.

  9. About 150,000 police officers and soldiers were posted during New Year’s Eve to guard churches, airports and other public places.

  10. More than 9,000 police were also posted in Bali, the site of Indonesia’s deadliest terror attack in which 202 people were killed in 2002.

    Source : NDTV