Solo climber shares experience to encourage students to create history

TAIPING, Jan 5 — Solo mountain climber Khairil Aslan Ab Rasid who scaled three Himalayan peaks last year is planning to use and share his experience to encourage young people to create their own success stories.

The 40-year-old father of three said his selection as the icon for Sekolah Menengah Kampung Perak, Batu Kurau, was a great honour for him and that he would be used the ‘title’ in a way that would benefit all.

“I’m impressed that the school has even set up a gallery showcasing pictures and information about my climbs to boost the spirit of its students,” he told Bernama here today.

Khairil Aslan, who was born in Batu Kurau, also shared his New Year resolution to create history as the solo climber to scale the seven summits, the highest peaks of the seven continents, this year.

He said the seven summits were the Aconcagua Mountain in South America, Carstensz Pyramid in Australasia, Kilimanjaro in Africa, Vincon in Antarctica, Denali in North America, Everest in Eurasia and Mauna Kea in the Pacific Plate.

Khairil Aslan said the idea to scale the seven summits in the seven continents in just a year came about after he managed to complete his solo mission in scaling the three Himalayan peaks, namely the Maru, Lobuche and Island peaks, in just a month last year.

“I will definitely use my mountaineering experience in scaling the three Himalayan peaks in Nepal and braving the cold weather with wind speed of between 140-160 kmph as the motivation to achieve my resolution this year,” he added. — Bernama.