Johor Sultan promises earful to troublemaker politicians

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 28 ― The Johor Sultan said he will summon any politicians from the state who incite racial or religious sentiments, be they from the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) or the opposition.

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar told local daily The Star that he did not want politicians to use race or religion as issues to cover up their incompetence.

“Let me warn them that if any of these politicians are from Johor, whether in government or opposition, I will personally summon them to give a piece of my mind,” he was quoted saying in the interview published today.

“My advice to the politicians, especially those from Johor, is to be sensitive to the needs of the people. Please do not waste time creating news headlines for the wrong reasons. Stop racist and religious rhetoric and work for the people.

“For sure, I hope the politicians will not sow distrust and suspicions among the people by using such sensitive issues to fan uneasiness and tension. We must remain united to face the economic and political challenges,” Sultan Ibrahim added.

The Johor ruler told politicians to deal with economic issues instead, noting the rising cost of food, transport and other daily necessities.

Racial and religious tensions have been simmering in the country, with the latest brawl at the Kota Raya shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur that injured two being categorised by some as a case of Chinese traders cheating Malay consumers. – MMO.