KRN Movie Review: In The Heart Of The Sea (KRN Movie Rating: 3.5/5 star)

Yesterday (Saturday 12 November 2015), I went to watch the movie In The Heart Of The Sea. It is a story about a search for an important “real life” account from a whaling ship disaster survivor that forms the main inspiration for the famous author Herman Melville to write his all-time classic critically acclaimed American novel Moby Dick.

Directed by the critically acclaimed director Ron Howard (Cocoon, Apollo 13, Back Draft, Ransom, The Da Vinci Code) and written by Charles Leavitte (Blood Diamond), this movie is set in the 1820s where getting oil from the ground was unheard of in America and oil for the industrial use was harvested solely from whales and whale hunters risked their lives voyaging towards deep oceans for months in search of whales to hunt them and manually pail out the oil in them.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor-fame) leads the casts and performed is role convincingly especially during the scenes that showed the impact of being stranded in the middle of the sea of nowhere for many days without food and water, close to 90 days, and the ordeals the crew had to go through for basic survival. The rest of the casts did their parts well too. The giant whale that creates havoc when Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) tried to hunt it and it following to create more destruction were visually stunning. I definitely felt the suffering the crew and the whales went through.

This movie will be more enjoyable if watched in 3D or IMAX. I watched the normal digital version though. It is worth the ticket price and worth watching for the fans of such period epics and sea lovers. I enjoyed the movie for sure.

KRN Movie Rating: 3.5/5 stars.

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