Warning to all Reviewers from Rock Grills Restaurant

The Management of Rock Grills Steakhouse has issued a WARNING to Reviewers. The WARNING as follows.

“YES! Warning to those Reviews that try to tarnish our image, integrity and reputation and condemn our establishment….. but welcome all sincere and constructive feedback and genuine complaints….. We have to protect our investment, hardworking staff who spend weekend, every evening, public holidays and work hard to serve all visiting Customers…. therefore, we respect to those who respect us! From The Management. Rock Grills Steakhouse!”

warning from rock grills restaurant

Please be careful if you want to review Rock Grills Steakhouse.

Rock Grills Steakhouse also know that those reviewers who gave 1 star rating are out there to tarnish their reputation.

“We also know that some of the 1 Star rating REVIEWERS are not sincere and try to tarnish our reputation and the rating …. so long that we can verify their visiting, we accept whatever rating they post with true detailed information of the issues… otherwise, it’s just irrelevant to the rating…”

iirelevant from rock grills restaurant