Authorities shouldn’t tolerate ‘ambush’, GrabCar says after driver nabbed

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 — The authorities should discourage taxi drivers from organising ambushes when protesting against private hire vehicle companies, GrabCar said after one of its drivers was arrested yesterday by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) in a trap set up by taxi drivers.

GrabCar pointed out that regulators in Singapore and the Philippines have regulatory frameworks that balance consumer protection and flexibility in the public transport industry.

“We do not condone such ambush operations and believe the authorities should actively discourage it,” a GrabCar spokesman told Malay Mail Online in a statement.

“The multiple services help to ease the barriers that exist within the industry, such as the lack of available on-demand transport options during peak period.

“By increasing the types of transportation options for consumers, and making it safer and more convenient, we’ve helped to grow the industry as a whole,” the spokesman added.

A group of taxi drivers got SPAD officers to arrest a GrabCar driver yesterday after one of them hired a car to the agency’s office using the private hire service to prove that the firm’s drivers are still operating illegally without licenses.

GrabCar is an online service offered via the MyTeksi app, which allows passengers to hail ordinary cars, and in which drivers need not possess a public driver’s licence to register.

To date, there are over 91,000 taxi drivers in the Southeast Asian region that have registered with MyTeksi and GrabCar.