Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Commits Suicide

Such sad news. The body of Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, Cathriona White, was found inside a Los Angeles area home after an apparent suicide on Sept. 28. The tragic news comes just days after the pair allegedly broke up on Sept. 24.

Cathriona White, 28, who dated Jim Carrey, 53, on and off since 2012, has reportedly committed suicide. Her body was found by two friends on Sept. 28 with pills right beside her. So sad.

The cause of death has not been determined yet, but law enforcement tells TMZ they believe it was a drug overdose.

Cathriona reportedly left a suicide note that was addressed to her famous on-off love, and it allegedly referenced their very recent break up on Sept. 24. The pair got together in 2012, but split after a few months before reconciling in May 2015. Learn more about Cathriona here.

“The young woman was brought in at 20:40 hours from a residence in Sherman Oaks of an apparent suicide,” Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner tells HollywoodLife.com. “Reports on this case are not completed. She’s scheduled for an examination tomorrow.”

Cathriona posted her last message on social media on Sept. 24, the same day of the alleged break up. “Signing off Twitter,” she wrote. “I hope I have been a light to my nearest and dearest.” The 28-year-old obviously took the split very hard, and it’s just so tragic that she felt things in her life were so bad that it came to this. We are heartbroken for her.

Meanwhile, Jim has mostly been private about the relationship, but he posted his most recent tweet on Sept. 16, and it was a photo of himself credited to his then-ladylove. There has been no confirmation of what happened between the pair between that time and when they seemingly decided to end things. Two friends reportedly found Cathriona when they went to check on her on Sept. 28, which is when authorities were called.

Our thoughts are with Cathriona’s family and loved ones, as well as Jim, during this difficult and tragic time.

— Alyssa Norwin