Streaming system still exists – Desmond

As far as we are concerned, the streaming system still exists in the autonomous and normal schools.

What we want to see is that all children are able to be given equality, as well as diversified learning system instead of separating them distinctly, like products? This is very unfair to the students who are late-developers.

We hope to see that the students, apart from learning new technology and absorbing new knowledge, the schools should also focus on developing their music, art, sports, as well as other courses such as culture, values, and psychological management, and innovative projects, and so on.

We believe that education is not a one-off event, because wisdom comes with age; and as we become more and more mature, we are able to form definite views of our own therefore learning is endless. As such, please do not force-feed our own children and causing them to breakdown just because we see other children attaining good results.

We believe that even though the brilliant students from autonomous schools may have good academic performance, but because of a lot of homework, depriving themselves of personal and family time and space, they tend to neglect the relationship between people, and do not care or feel for their surrounding happenings. Even the interesting things in life have been forgotten. When faced with setbacks, they will not be calm in the face and accept failure. There have even been cases where the setbacks have instilled sense of failure in some students who cannot accept the pressure and suffer from mental breakdowns – they have either been admitted into mental institutions and some have even taken their precious lives. Not only is this detrimental to our children, but the country has also lost precious resources this way.

So we feel that we should let our children have access to a holistic learning environment, training them how to learn from failure as well as to cope with the challenges and pressures so that they can derive wisdom and the joy of learning through these.

We also believe that with diversity in our education system, when our children face unexpected events, setbacks or pressure in their future workplace, they would know how to respond and deal accordingly.

Lim Bak Chuan Desmond

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