Interview with Miss Tourism Malaysia and Miss Tourism International – Ranjani Rajamanickam

Environmental Scientist Ranjani Rajamanickam one day decided to see the world. Now she is an air stewardess with Emirates. She is thankful to God and Emirates for paving the path to see the world. She gave an exclusive interview to Let’s hear from her more.image04

Tell us about yourself.
I’m just your typical girl next door who is working hard to achieve my big dreams. Being raised in a middle-class family has nurtured good qualities in me like being humble, being appreciative, being modest and being kind. I love giving to the world by an act of goodness or with just a smile. I always want to be centre of attraction and I was never shy about it. My loved ones feel, I am born to stand out always. I wish to be someone who inspires and ignites the fire within others to achieve.


Why did you switch career?
It was something out of the blue where one day I said to myself, let’s try something different. Being an air stewardess has always seemed so cool and glamorous. I have adored many as they walk past me at the airport. It wasn’t easy to convince my mom about my decision and took her a good one month to say okay.

My time as an Environmental Scientist has thought me the importance of science and its application in daily life. Helping organisations building environmentally conscious structures and providing a better environment for the wildlife has made me happier than ever. Maybe someday in future, you will be seeing me back in action, trying to save our mother nature.


Why would you think you’re fit to be a model?
It will be a lie if I tell you that I’ve always seen myself as a perfect girl to walk the runaway or to be a cover face on the magazine. But anyone can dream, can’t they?

Fortunately, I’ve lived my dream. While in Miss Earth Sabah, Miss Tourism Malaysia, and Miss Tourism International, I’ve walked the runaway and been the face for several sponsors and brands that I’m proud to present. Moreover, I’ve always seen myself as courageous and hardworking. Together with my passion, I believe I will deliver the best for any given task.


Do you eat nutritiously?
Yes and No. Life will be so boring if we do the right thing all the time. I usually try to steer clear of unnecessary carbohydrates and fats during weekdays. If I do crave for some sweetness, I’ll take it only in the morning. The weekend is when I can be truly be an Asian. On the side note, be moderate on your food consumption during your cheat day/s.


How often do you exercise or go to the gym?
I practice home workout. At the moment, I’m sweating it all out with an app called My Trainer Carmen. You usually require a yoga mat and basic dumbbells for the home workout. I’ve also got myself some ankle weights, sandbags and gym balls to spice things up. Due to my ever changing schedule, I try to work out 3-5 days a week with 50 to 60 minutes per session.


How do you feel about travel?
Traveling takes an individual to whole new level. Traveling teaches you things that you can never get from reading any books. Memories created and stay forever in your brain which later helps you to understand why certain things work such way. I’ve never failed to thank God and Emirates for giving me the chance to do what might seem a dream for others.


What qualities do you think are necessary to be a leader?
A leader has to be someone who is positive, a team player and also attentive to the need of others. It isn’t about taking control but instead keeping everything under control.


If you could change three things about yourself, what would they be?
I would say my height, the color of my eyes, and my cute smile. Trying to crack a silly joke there (laughing). It’s going be my obsession for footwear!


How do you define success?
Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill.


Do you have any plans for any feature films locally and internationally?
To become an actress has always been my dream. When I was a kid, I will stand in front of the mirror and act out movie scenes. Those who are close to me have always referred me as a drama queen. Due to work requirement, I am always on the go, however, if ever an opportunity comes knocking, I will grab it.

Please contact Ranjani Rajamanickam if you have any acting opportunities for her.


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