Magnanimous of MediaCorp’s Radio GOLD 90.5 FM to pay the bills of...

Magnanimous of MediaCorp’s Radio GOLD 90.5 FM to pay the bills of shoppers


If anyone were to ask me to pick my all-time favourite song, I would most certainly pick Glen Campbell’s smash hit ‘Try a little kindness’. The lyrics bear an important message – the willingness to extend a helping hand to those in need.

And this virtue of showing kindness was so well carried out by the fantastic Deejays of our popular radio station Gold 90.5FM during their recent unique project of Making Someone’s Day. It was so encouraging seeing the DJs helping to pay the grocery bills of complete strangers that brought on big smiles from the shoppers as well as tears of joy from those who were deeply touched by compassion and kindness. I guess in a certain way, Christmas came early for the lucky shoppers who benefitted from the kindness shown by the radio station.

It is always good to emulate programmes that support the community. The station decided to carry out this project after they were inspired by a group of friends from Oklahoma City who started the ‘Fill My Basket’ initiative. By paying it forward, GOLD 90.5FM has clearly demonstrated that MediaCorp can be a great corporate citizen. For even as I watch the TV show RenovAID, I can see that that our national broadcaster has taken much pains and effort to bring happiness to those who live in the shadows of life.

To save on costs, many of our seniors will shop at NTUC FairPrice on Mondays and Tuesdays where discounts are given.

With the growing need for better support for our silvered haired citizens, this initiative on the part of the radio station, I hope, will inspire other organisations and radio stations worldwide to step forward and do their part as responsible corporate citizens. Perhaps, Gold 90.5FM could ride on this programme and through collaborations with the grassroots leaders, identify isolated and lonely citizens and bring some basic groceries to them twice a year. The joys that is bound to come on their faces could be a motivating factor for the station and the sponsors to consider the proposal.

For at the heart of making Singapore the best home to live in, it will help if successful companies do their part to give a ray of hope to those in need.




Raymond Anthony Fernando is a motivational speaker, poet, author, trainer, songwriter, freelance television actor, ghostwriter, media celebrity, regular newspaper forum page writer and an advocate for the mentally ill.

He is a volunteer with the Institute of Mental Health. The author of 32 books was married to Doris Lau Siew Lang, herself an author of 8 books. Doris was called to the Lord in April 2014. This Model Caregiver 2007 and Mental Health Champion 2010, who is born on Valentine’s Day, has contributed 31 years of service to the public sector, 15 years of experience in public relations work, and received several awards and commendations from government organisations.

Raymond attributes his success to his beloved wife, Doris, who has always been his greatest inspiration.