Kurup: Kota Raya brawl over issue of consumer rights, not racism

CYBERJAYA, Dec 22 ― Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup refuted the assumption that the brawl at a mobile phone shop in the Kota Raya Shopping Complex was about racism.

He said the incident yesterday was triggered by feelings of anger and the reaction of a group on the issue of consumer rights involving the sale and purchase between buyer and seller of telephones.

“I call on all parties to remain calm and not raise issues which can affect the sensitivity of the people in the Kota Raya incident,” he said in a statement today.

The statement was distributed to reporters in conjunction with the International Day for Tolerance 2015 at Limkokwing University officiated by Kurup here today.

Yesterday, a group of men believed to be customers and a mobile phone salesman were involved in a brawl on the ground floor of the Kota Raya shopping complex.

Video clips of the fight, which lasted two minutes to 30 seconds, were uploaded on YouTube.

The brawl did not stop people visiting the Kota Raya shopping complex even if the numbers were somewhat smaller today.

A Bernama check found people of various races interacting in a friendly atmosphere at the complex and there was no sign of any animosity.

Only the mobile telephone outlet involved in the brawl was closed.

A spokeswoman for the complex, when contacted, informed that the owner of the premises was ordered to close temporarily until police investigation had been completed.

Police detained a suspect and were looking for 14 more. ― Bernama.