This BMW 3 Series ad has been banned in the UK

This BMW 3 Series ad has been banned in the UK


LONDON, Nov 4 — An ad for BMW has been banned in the UK for encouraging irresponsible and potentially dangerous driving.

The TV ad showed the 3 Series car being driven through the countryside towards the coast, as a voiceover said, “Curves invite you in”, before the driver changed gear and the tachometer rapidly increased.

The voiceover continued: “Curves inspire you, and definitely dare you. And the new BMW 3 Series was made for every one of them.”

According to The Guardian, viewers complained that the ad gave the impression the car was being driven along a winding coastal road at considerable speed.

In its defence, BMW said the ad did not contain any references to driving at speed or aggressive driving, and the reference to “dare” was simply to challenge drivers to enjoy their journey.

The Advertising Standards Authority agreed that quick acceleration and excessive speed were not explicitly indicated in the ad.

“However, we noted the ad showed the car being driven along the coastal road from various angles, through a succession of fast-paced shots, including a few aerial shots tracking the vehicle’s movements and shots of a gear change and of the tachometer rapidly increasing,” the watchdog was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

“We considered that this gave the impression that the car depicted was being driven along the winding coastal road at considerable speed.”

It added: “We considered that the handling capability of the vehicle had not been communicated in a clear context of safety, which was a requirement of the code.

“Because the ad implicitly challenged the viewer to drive at speed around corners, we considered that it had also encouraged irresponsible and potentially dangerous driving.”